Conservatory Manufacture Time Lapse Video

Conservatory PanelsEarlier this month, we started filming our latest time lapse video. Starting with an empty manufacturing bay, it progresses through all of the phases of pre-assembly of a conservatory in our workshop. Firstly all of the side panels are brought through from the bench shop. As with all of our conservatory projects, these are hand-made and fit together based on very tight manufacturing tolerances to allow easy assembly.

Once the conservatory frame is assembled and secured, we start the process of building up the classical entablature, whilst the pilasters are fitted to the outside of the framework. Our skilled painters apply the first coat of paint to the conservatory at this time. Once the window and door panels are completed, they are trial fitted into the openings and adjusted as necessary to ensure the best fit possible.

Painting a pre-assembled conservatoryIt is only after all of these stages are completed that our unique aluminium roof structure can be installed. This is constructed in sections in our metal workshop, not only for ease of fitting but for ease of transport to your home. When our technicians are satisfied that the roof is installed correctly, the internal trims are fitted, giving a traditional look to our conservatory roof construction.

The conservatory is now fully assembled with the exception of the glazing. Roof glazing is fitted on site while the doors and windows are glazed shortly before the project is transported to site. The disassembly can now commence and all of the component parts are loaded onto racks, keeping everything together to ensure nothing is misplaced. All removable timberwork is now taken through to our paint department to be sprayed, ensuring the smoothest finish possible. The final stage of the pre-assembly is to dismantle the framework and prepare it for its main coat of paint too. The final coat of paint is applied on-site once the construction is complete.

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