Floor Grilles

Underfloor heating in the form of a trench and floor grilles is an effective, attractive and space saving way to heat your conservatory. Our cast iron floor grilles are available in two different designs of varying lengths and are painted with a black low sheen finish. They sit on a brass edged angle support, above a trench set within the floor.

Harston Floor Grill


Bitteswell Floor Grill
Harston Floor Grill Plan


Bitteswell Floor Grill Plan

Heating Systems

Our floor grilles system uses either finned copper pipes or electric finned convectors which are run around the perimeter of the extension. The heat emitters are sunk into trenches and topped with our decorative metal floor grilles, which finish flush with the floor covering of your choice. Warmth is circulated around the room by convection in the same way it would from a radiator.

Finned Pipes connecting to convectional heating system
Finned Pipes connecting to
convectional heating system

This is an excellent way of spurring from the house heating system and utilising existing resources. The conservatory heating can only be operated when the house heating is on, unless the conservatory is on a separate circuit and thermostat to the boiler. Heating elements are supplied in 1 metre lengths but can be cut shorter if required.

Electric Finned Convector Heating
Electric Finned
Convector Heating

This is a totally independent electric system which has a built-in thermostat The unit can be operated manually or thermostatically and is also available with a programmable timer. This is an ideal system for those requiring instantaneous heat and is often fitted alongside a plumbed in system to give greater flexibility on heating a room.

Floor Grill Design

Design & Manufacture Package

For those requiring help with the layout of your grilles, dimensions for your trench and would like to make the installation process as easy as possible, we offer a Design and Manufacture package.

By providing us with accurate internal dimensions of your room and an approximate design layout of the grilles, we will produce a detailed drawing showing layout and position of the grilles, with detailed dimensions for your builder to set out and construct the trench required for the heating elements.

The same drawing goes to produce a fully pre-manufactured frame to precise measurements, braced to form an accurate and rigid support for the grilles. The frame is dismantled into transportable and manageable sections for easy reassembly on site.

Charges for this service are available on request and are dependent on the scale of the room and complexity of the design layout.

Supply Only

Floor grilles, supports and heating elements are available as individual items and these can be purchased from Vale by completing the order form in the download section at FloorGrilles.co.uk or by calling us on 01476 564433. Lengths will be supplied slightly larger than that requested in order that final precision cutting and assembling can be carried out on site by your builder.

For more information or to request a brochure call 01476 564433 or visit FloorGrilles.co.uk

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