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Project Considerations

Use Your Room All Year Round

Most conservatories and orangeries are used as an extension to the living space; a place to eat, socialise or relax. The direction a conservatory faces and how open it is off the adjoining room will have an impact on the choices you make regarding heating and sun screening.

Technology has helped considerably over the years in making glazed structures more comfortable and thermally efficient so these light-filled spaces can be easily enjoyed all year round.

Orangery designed for all year round use
Example of heating in a conservatory

Heating Options

Heating your conservatory or orangery is an important consideration early on in your project, and designing adequate heating is essential in gaining continual use from your room. There are various options but perhaps the most popular is either water pipe fed or electrical under-floor heating. This type of warm floor system transfers heat across the whole of your floor to heat the room.

For a more traditional look and ideal for garden rooms, you could consider trench heating with floor grilles. We manufacture our own floor grille system with two different grille designs available. Again, this system can work either spurred off existing central heating systems or through electric finned convectors.

Radiators are also a good method of heating your conservatory and these can be concealed behind radiator covers which can be designed to provide an attractive window seat.

Guide to heating an orangery

Blinds for Shading & Atmosphere

Although the general idea of adding a conservatory is to appreciate the light and airy atmosphere, there are times in the height of summer when shade may be a requirement – particularly if your room is south-facing.

Blinds will contribute to creating a cosy atmosphere in the evening and winter months, and also help provide privacy in the roof and sides for glazed rooms in more built up areas.

For a traditional look, we recommend Pinoleum blinds which are made of woven natural material. They can be manually or automatically controlled and are suitable for both the roof and side windows. Pinoleum blinds add a pretty, dappled light to the room without totally blocking out the sun and are also useful in helping to control temperature. Pinoleum blinds are available in the same colour palette as our Vale paints which helps to co-ordinate colour schemes within the room.

Example of blinds used for shading
Example of multiple sources of lighting in a conservatory

Conservatory Lighting

Lighting will be an important factor in creating mood and ambience in your room and therefore it is worth considering the various options available.

Pendant lighting will create the WOW factor and some companies are offering designs that really lend themselves to a conservatory environment. At night and without blinds, high level lighting will give off a considerable amount of reflection and bounce off glass, and therefore low-level lighting in the form of table lamps featured around the room will minimise this.

Downlighters are an excellent way of creating special lighting effects that look stunning both day and night. Set within the inset box gutters, they will provide subtle and effective lighting within your room and there are various types available.

Guide to conservatory lighting

Furnishing Your Room

Without doubt, the most exciting part of any project is when you get to furnish your new room and start using it. It is therefore worth considering your layout carefully to get the most out of your space.

It is sometimes useful to play around with existing furniture if available, to see if you like the position and size before committing to special purchases. Alternatively, if you have had opportunity of visiting our showrooms in Lincolnshire and liked what you have seen, our Interior Designer can help you with how your room could be laid out and with your special furniture purchases

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