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Example of a property transformed with Bronze Casements

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Our sister company Architectural Bronze Limited are renowned leaders in the design and production of handmade bronze windows, doors, screens and secondary glazing and get involved in some fascinating and award winning projects throughout the world.

A Collaboration

We are uniquely placed to incorporate any of these elements into our traditional timber structures, to add a special and distinctive dimension to the design process.

Manufactured exclusively from genuine architectural bronze, the inclusion of any of these elements ensures that any structure adorned with bronze, will have a stand out ‘wow factor’ of uniqueness beyond compare, be it within a traditional or contemporary environment.

The inclusion of bronze is yet another example of how Vale utilises the classic orders of architecture, centuries old materials and manufacturing techniques, to help you create a garden room of distinction that has no peer comparison.

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Orangery with Bronze Casements
Bronze window in a kitchen


Whether you are replacing existing damaged and draughty windows, or have a new build project looking for a stylish and unique fenestration, we can provide bronze window systems with attractive profiles and fine sightlines that will suit both traditional and contemporary projects.

Most windows come with a rebate or equal leg option. Further options include a choice of handles, backplates and stays, security and safety features.


For many of our clients already investing in bronze windows and screens for their project, the addition of bronze doors will maintain consistency of style, whilst providing an impressive entry to a room or building.

Combining richness of material, striking aesthetics and many other features found in our windows, we offer various bronze door systems which can be individually tailored to suit your project.

Three sets of bronze double doors
Example of a bronze screen in a hallway


A light-filled room is everyone’s ideal and there is currently a renaissance in recreating bright and airy spaces with light filtering throughout the home.

As a consequence, screens are being specified with increasing regularity by designers and architects as a means of partitioning internal spaces, yet allowing an openness and transparency within. The result creates contemporary style zones, ‘on trend’ regardless of the period of building to which they are applied.

External screens will allow greater views of the outside, creating walls of light regardless of the shape or size of opening.

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing provides the ideal solution for projects where it is essential to retain the integrity and provenance of existing windows, yet there is a requirement to improve thermal efficiency. Unlike many secondary glazing systems, double glazed units sit within our framework providing exceptional performance and draught-proofing. This has been readily proven in many educational establishments and domestic settings.

Secondary glazing will not only provide quality soundproofing, which is particularly beneficial in city dwellings and areas with heavy traffic flow, but also additional security, acting as a second defence against intruders.

Bronze used as secondary glazing in a bathroom

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Large project with multiple bronze windows
Interior view of a large room complemented with bronze windows