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A dual level bespoke orangery with rooflights in a london townhouse

Metal in Conservatories & Orangeries

Born out of a fascination for the almost unlimited possibilities for the use of metal in conservatories, Vale have been pushing the boundaries in design and usage of metal for over 30 years and have introduced a number of interesting concepts using of metal in conservatories.

Metal Structural & Decorative Elements

Recognising the benefits of using metal within a conservatory or orangery structure, providing strength and stability within the roof and throughout the build in the form of support columns and castings, we have further developed the use of metal within our timber projects.

For some years now, most of our Tuscan columns are completely produced in metal, with cast aluminium capitals and base with a folded aluminium shaft. This provides a rigid and stable column opposed to some timber columns formed with mitres which can be prone to opening-up. This concept has also been applied to more varied conservatory designs requiring Victorian or Gothic detailed columns.

Conservatories with Bronze Windows & Doors

There are a large number of beautiful buildings still in existence that require a different approach to the design. Inspired by the mullions and metal windows seen in many houses of the 16th and 17th Century, Vale is now unrivalled in its design for glazed buildings that incorporate handmade architectural bronze windows and doors

The same principal can be applied to classical structures which generally incorporate deep head sections, heavy corner posts and mullions and various choices of timber can be used in the construction.

Within this framework sit beautiful bronze windows and doors made by our partner company Architectural Bronze Limited, which can be made to any shape or size and house any type of glass, plain or leaded. These conservatories are all fully glazed and carry all the other benefits of our other conservatories.

Metal fretwork structures

The Georgians and Victorians were masters at producing beautiful glass buildings made from an ornate metal structural framework, further embellished with decorative castings.
Many of these buildings can still be seen today, testimony to the strength and endurance of this design concept.

The two buildings below illustrate how Vale have designed and built structures almost entirely out of metal.

Metal windows in a conservatory
Metal windows in a conservatory