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Georgian Inspired Conservatories & Orangeries

The Georgian period is recognised for its attention to symmetry, scale and proportion, following the 'Classical Orders Of Architecture' in both structure and detail. Simple mathematical ratios and formulas were used to determine detail such as size of column in relation to the entablature, and height of a window and door in relation to its width.

Example of a large georgian orangery project
Close up of a georgian orangery

This elaborate structure for a Grade II* Georgian Mansion was built in 1996, having gained approval from The Georgian Group for our design.

There are no hard and fast rules when creating the perfect conservatory or orangery and our clients personal preferences are always considered for incorporation into the final decision.

In this quest we frequently find ourselves returning to the popular classical designs that complement a wide range of properties both old and new.

Example of a georgian orangery extension
Georgian orangery example
Orangery with Georgian design and additional side entrance

Classical proportions combining strong columns, proportional entablatures and delicate joinery will result in an impressive addition to many styles of house.

Example of a Georgian orangery used as a plant room
Georgian style orangery with curved detail
Magnificent Georgian house with an orangery extension

Elaborate dentils, cornices, pediments and parapets particular to this period can be used to great effect. Traditional techniques and methods in joinery are adopted within all our structures.

Detail shot of curved entablature
Close up of dentil moulding on the orangery
Detail of pediment detail
Georgian pediment close up view
Curved Georgian detail in clerestory
Example of curved georgian glazed bars
Curved gable design in a georgian orangery
Curved georgian door detail

The flamboyant use of curved glaze bars to doors, windows and fanlights is typical of the Georgian period and where allowed, provides impressive detail to the classical orangery.

A glazed addition which provides two different functions

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Hampshire townhouse orangery extension for relaxing and dining

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