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Using Your Room

Nothing compares to the atmosphere of a glazed structure in providing a bright, calming and relaxing place in which to spend time. A little sunshine, whatever the season, will flood the room with light and warmth – uplifting the spirit and becoming for many of our clients, the most used room in the house.

Whether the room is designed with full length glazed panels or with elements of solid wall, glazed or lead roof, most clients experience a new appreciation of the outdoors where the garden can be enjoyed in all weathers, at all times of the year from the comfort and seclusion of the your new room.

Over the years, we have designed conservatories and orangeries for a wide variety of uses - mostly typical extensions to living spaces such as kitchens, living and dining rooms featured below. We occasionally design rooms for the green fingered and have also provided rooms for more obscure uses such as offices, gyms, music rooms and even a cooking school!

Example of a bright and calming conservatory
Example of a kitchen conservatory

Kitchen Conservatories & Orangeries

Modern living and busy family life has resulted in the kitchen becoming one of the favourite rooms in the home. It can be a relaxing and informal space where recreation and work go hand in hand. A sunny cheerful kitchen is almost everyone’s ideal and a kitchen conservatory or orangery can provide just that. It can be used at all times of the day by all members of the family for a wide range of purposes.

These unique rooms placed directly off the kitchen create one of the most popular positions for any new glazed addition. They form a multifunctional extension to this central point of activity. Families can communicate easily between the two areas with members having their own personal space yet retaining the feeling of unity.

If planning the kitchen environment, you need to consider several important factors. Try to plan the layout to ensure that services, electrics and heating make practical sense. Making the most of space may not allow for radiators, therefore under-floor heating is an excellent option. Wall space will be extremely valuable and designing sections of solid wall into the design will provide space for wall mounted cupboards.

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Living Room & Dining Conservatories & Orangeries

Conservatories and orangeries are frequently designed to be rooms where you escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, unwind or spend quality time with friends and family. As with any living room, the choice of flooring, furniture, blinds and lighting will have a great effect on the mood of the room and will dictate the degree of comfort, style and individuality achieved.

Eating is a time when we can sit and take time to relax - start the day with breakfast, take a lazy lunch or unwind over dinner in the evening. Whether dining alone or entertaining friends, it is generally an enjoyable occasion which can be enhanced significantly by creating the perfect environment in which to spend this time. Whether dining is formal or informal, a glazed structure will create an atmosphere that is a totally unique experience. Clever and subtle use of lighting will add to the ambience for evening entertaining.

We often find that our clients really want a multi-functional room - be it large or small, which will provide space for both relaxing and dining, and this is easily achievable with clever choice and arrangement of furniture.

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Living & Dining Room Conservatory
Bespoke conservatory used as a plant room

Glazed Structures for Plants

For the keen horticulturalist, a conservatory or orangery makes way for a new dimension in gardening. A wide variety of species thrive in conservatory conditions and tender and exotic plants can be nurtured and appreciated. A room dedicated to the enjoyment of plants can be a sensory delight with scented flowers, a profusion of colour and an ever-changing backdrop.

These structures make beautiful plant rooms but for them to be a success, ventilation and achieving adequate air movement within the room must be an important consideration during the design stage. Also, consider where you would like to position your plants as you may wish to consider open beds within the floor for climbers, or wider window-sills for plant pots etc.

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