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Rooflights & Roof Lanterns

A small, dark or uninteresting area can be transformed by the introduction of a rooflight or roof lantern. A great sense of space is achieved by the influx of light into the room enhanced by the addition of this architectural feature.

Example of a orangery roof light in a sitting room
Example of a roof light in a orangery

Rooflights and lanterns are generally fitted directly onto a prepared upstand and we will work closely with your builder or architect to make sure that the correct platform is created. This makes installation a quick and easy process.

Roof lantern with deep entablature

Rooflight vs Roof Lantern

While rooflights are sleek and ideal for modern designs, roof lanterns are eye-catching structures designed to add elegance. These architectural features include an element of vertical glazed framework, usually including a combination of fixed and opening panels and are generally more suitable for larger areas.

Example of a rooflight
roof lantern from above
roof lantern from bottom

Rooflight design considerations

Shape & Size: Rooflights and roof lanterns can be built to any size and shape and each will incorporate our signature roof system with the aluminium skeletal core, clad with decorative mouldings and profiles, thus offering a virtually maintenance free exterior and attractive interior incorporating inverted finials and often the facility to suspend a pendant light.

Smaller example of a rooflight
Example of decorative panelling in a rooflight

Decorative Elements: In certain cases, our rooflights will include some form of decorative panelling to the internal up-stand beneath the roof lantern which enhances the overall aesthetics.

Roof blinds: To enhance the functionality and control of your rooflights, we provide the option of electric motorised blinds. These innovative blinds offer convenience, privacy, and light management with just the touch of a button.

Example of rooflight blinds

Further Inspiration

If you are looking for more inspiration on how a rooflight and roof lantern can be incorporated into your home visit our dedicated gallery below.

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rooflight provides light into this multifunctional space
small kitchen conservatory extension