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12 Conservatory Design Ideas For Your Project Inspiration

Be inspired by our completed conservatory extensions


Published: 20th February 2024
Conservatory Design Ideas Overview

Conservatory extension ideas

As one of the most favoured choices for home extensions, conservatories offer a wide choice of design possibilities. From deciding the purpose of the space to selecting the ideal shape and structure, the decisions involved in creating your perfect conservatory are both exciting and crucial.

We've compiled 12 design ideas drawn from projects completed by Vale Garden Houses that we hope will inspire and ignite creativity for your own project.

1. Multi-functional Conservatories

In recent years, a growing trend is to create a multi-functional space through the addition of a conservatory extension. Rather than being designed for a set use, the room is a versatile space and often becoming the central hub within the home between a dining and living area.

Multi use conservatory
Multifunctional conservatory room

2. A Conservatory As A Kitchen

Whilst not as prevalent as a kitchen orangery the design choice of a kitchen conservatory can create a perfect light-filled and inviting cooking space.

Bright kitchen conservatory
Internal of a linking kitchen conservatory
Lean to kitchen conservatory
Kitchen and dining conservatory
Kitchen conservatory with rooflight

3. Dining Rooms conservatories

A conservatory can also be designed to create an elegant and dedicated dining room perfect for providing an impressive setting ideal for hosting and entertaining guests.

Dining room conservatory with solid roof
External of dining conservatory
Dining room conservatory from outside
Large dining room conservatory

3. Living rooms in a conservatory

A family living room is another type of room that is often recreated and commonly linked to conservatories. Below, you can see some ideas of living rooms created in a conservatory by our clients.

Living room conservatory
Living room conservatory external
Bespoke conservatory design
Light filled living room conservatory
blue living room conservatory
big living room in a conservatory

5. Conservatories for plant lovers

For passionate plant enthusiasts, the exciting idea of having a conservatory dedicated to plants can take gardening to new heights. These environments provide optimal conditions for cultivating a variety of plant species, allowing the growth of delicate and exotic plants.

Plant filled conservatory design
Conservatory filled with plants
Plant room
Small scale print conservatory
Bright plant filled conservatory

6. Lean-to Conservatories

A lean-to conservatory design allows for a more straightforward and practical design that complements a wide range of architectural styles.

Lean to conservatory
Inspirational lean to conservatory
Small lean to project from outside
small lean to project from inside
Small lean-to conservatory
Small lean to project
Small conservatory interior

Looking for more ideas for a lean-to extension? Read our article on Elevating Your Home with a Lean-to Conservatory Extension

7. Bay Conservatory Designs

Similar to how a lean-to conservatory has a unique look, a bay-fronted conservatory offers homeowners an interesting variety of design choice that often complement certain architectural styles.

Bay conservatory design
Bay conservatory interior

8. Hipped Conservatory Designs

A conservatory with a hipped roof is characterised by its simplistic yet elegant design with a roof that which slopes down on all sides.

hipped conservatory with metal windows
Hipped conservatory design
Small townhouse conservatory design
Hipped conservatory interior

9. A conservatory to link buildings

A conservatory can also be designed for linking outbuildings or garages offering an attractive solution compared to the traditional choice of bricks and mortar.

Linking conservatory with gable
Small linking conservatory design
Linking conservatory design

10. Smaller Conservatory Designs

Keep in mind that a conservatory doesn't have to be a large-scale project. Below are some smaller project ideas that have transformed an underutilised or dim space into an appealing, light-filled room.

Small conservatory design
Small conservatory design interior
Small corner conservatory design
Small blue conservatory
Small decorative conservatory extension
Inside a small lean to conservatory

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11. Conservatory with a solid roof

Incorporating a solid roof enhances privacy compared to a glass roof, making it a great choice for homeowners aiming to create a more secluded yet cosy atmosphere.

Freestanding conservatory with solid roof
Solid roof project
Solid foorf conservatory extension
Solid roof conservatory design ideas

12. Incorporating metal windows

Metal windows, as showcased in the projects below, not only create a bold and striking appearance but also add additional character to a conservatory. This design choice is particularly beneficial for projects aiming to complement properties that already feature metal windows.

bronze windows in a conservatory
bronze windows inside a conservatory
bronze door and windows in a conservatory
Hipped conservatory with metal windows
Interior of small conservatory
Small conservatory with metal windows

For those looking to explore metal windows in more detail, we recommend visiting the website of our sister company - Architectural Bronze Casements

Other Decorative Elements

While other the 12 design ideas discussed focus on use, shape and size, another significant consideration that can give your conservatory a unique look is additional architectural elements. Incorporating decorative columns, corbels, finials, and bargeboards can add an extra layer to the design, especially for conservatories that aim to incorporate elements from the host property into the overall aesthetic.

Conservatory with a bargeboard
multiple conservatory elements
Close up of conservatory bargeboard
Decorative corbel columns
Finial and column details
Decorative corbels on a conservatory
Bargeboard on a conservatory
Stop shamfer columns
Dentil moulding design

More Project Inspiration

We hope this selection of conservatory design ideas has provided you with inspirational ideas for your own project. For additional examples, feel free to explore our inspirational gallery showcasing a combination of orangeries and conservatories. Alternatively, delve into our case studies for in-depth insights into individual projects.

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