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13 Orangery Design Ideas to Inspire Your Own Project

Gain inspiration from our completed orangery extensions


Published: 10th October 2023
Orangery Design Ideas Overview

Ideas for your orangery extension

Orangeries have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years, and it's easy to see why. These spaces seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living, creating interiors flooded in natural light whilst allowing for a vast range of different uses for the homeowner.

We have compiled a list of 13 design ideas from projects completed by Vale Garden Houses over the years. We hope that these ideas will ignite your creativity and inspire your own orangery project.

1. Multi-functional Orangeries

The idea of an open-plan orangery design is to create a unified space for cooking, dining, relaxation and connecting to the garden. An orangery with an open-plan design serves as an ideal family room, encouraging interaction and togetherness. Its adaptable layout can accommodate various family needs, making it a personalised addition to any home.

Open plan orangery design idea
Open plan orangery extension
Large light filled sitting room
Orangery room used for sitting and entertaining

2. Light-filled Sitting Room

Having a cosy light filled sitting room can be often achieved with an orangery extension. Below you can see examples of sitting rooms within orangeries that have an abundant natural light enhancing the ambiance of the room, making it an inviting space.

Light filled sitting room orangery
Sitting room with views to the garden
Enjoying the garden from an orangery
Orangery with bifold doors

3. Orangery as a kitchen extension

Adding a kitchen orangery extension is a brilliant concept for homeowners seeking to combine functionality with aesthetics. This design idea seamlessly integrates the heart of the home, the kitchen, with the beauty of the outdoors.

Example of kitchen orangery extension
Large kitchen extension with orangery

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4. Entrance hall orangery

Orangeries can also be used as a creative entrance hall idea, bringing natural light and grandeur, creating an inviting and visually impressive transition from the outdoors to the indoors.

Small orangery as an entrance hall - exterior
Small orangery as an entrance hall - interior
small orangery as an entrance hall

5. Twin Roof Lantern Design Idea

Designing an orangery with two roof lanterns instead of one introduces a unique architectural element that optimises natural light. The dual roof lanterns not only evenly distribute sunlight but also add a sense of balance and symmetry to the design. This feature can be especially beneficial for larger orangery spaces.

Orangery with twin roof lantern design
Orangery with two roof lanterns
Orangery with two roof lanterns
Kitchen orangery with twin roof lanterns

6. An Orangery for Plant Lovers

For passionate plant enthusiasts, the concept of an orangery or conservatory takes gardening to new heights. Such spaces offer ideal conditions for a diverse range of plant species, allowing the nurturing of tender and exotic plants.

Orangery designed for plantlovers
Orangery full of plants
Dining room orangery full of plants
Orangery extension designed for plantlovers

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7. View capturing orangeries

When having a spectacular garden view, orangeries are a smart design choice. Their expansive windows and open layouts are specifically crafted to optimize this feature, allowing homeowners to immerse themselves in the beauty of their gardens.

Orangery with a spectacular view
Bold orangery with view

8. Cleverly Designed Multi-level Orangery

The concept of a multi-level orangery can be a versatile and innovative architectural idea in various settings. Beyond specific projects, the notion of designing an orangery with different levels presents opportunities for creating dynamic and adaptable spaces.

Two level orangery design
Orangery designed on two levels

9. Bringing a bar into an orangery space

Incorporating a bar into an orangery design elevates the space for socialising and entertainment. This concept blends natural light with an outdoor connection, creating an ideal setting for gatherings and cocktail parties.

Orangery with black stylish bar incorporated
Orangery with corner bar

10. Smaller Orangery Ideas for Townhouses

Using an orangery for a smaller extension, for example on a townhouse, maximizes space where room is limited. This idea adds natural light and functionality, making it ideal for urban settings where outdoor space is scarce.

Townhouse orangery
Interior of small orangery
Inside view of townhouse orangery extension
Townhouse orangery with levels

Designing an orangery to take advantage of a small unused space of your garden? Read our guide with detailed information on small conservatories and orangeries

11. Combining indoor and outdoor living

An orangery design that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living offers a connection between the interior and nature. This versatile concept can create a space used as a lounge, dining area, or room for entertaining creating a serene retreat within the property.

Orangery designed for indoor outdoor living
Outdoor dining orangery
Kitchen orangery with garden connection
Orangery connected to outside dining area

12. Solid Roof Design Alternatives

Opting for a solid roof as an orangery design option, rather than a glass roof, creates a room with a different atmosphere. It provides enhanced privacy, insulation, and design flexibility. It offers year-round comfort and can be more easily integrated seamlessly with the existing architecture.

Kitchen orangery with solid roof
Orangery with a solid roof
Example of a dining room orangery with a solid roof
Solid roof orangery design idea

13. Incorporating Folding Doors

Bifold doors are a superb addition to orangeries. They seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces, offering versatility to open up for a panoramic garden view or close for privacy.

Orangery with folding doors
orangery with folding doors open to the garden
Orangery with open bifold doors
Pool house orangery with folding doors

More Project Inspiration

We hope this list of design ideas for orangeries has provided you with some inspiration for your own project. If you are looking for more examples, explore our extensive inspirational gallery, which features a mix of both orangeries and conservatories. Alternatively, you can read our case studies, which provide in-depth insights into individual projects."

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